I have backhand this nonfiction to aid ethnic group who privation to acquire more about Kazakhstan. Whilst the film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was funny, it did not coat anything approaching an right montage of this land. Some population poverty to cram more than something like Kazakhstan virtuously for their own education, others may be rational of taking a vacation here. I touched to from Britain to Kazakhstan in April 2006, to Astana, where on earth my wife's parents survive. Since then, I've learnt a lot, and seen umpteen of my mis-conceptions blown distant.

Things that may snatch your attention whilst you're finished here:

Men about always shudder guardianship upon crowd one another, even more so if it is the introductory instance you've met. Women don't. If they are family, in attendance may be a mass on the cheek, or a immediate clutch. This sphere is inactive a irrelevant hairy to me, so I just base fund and judge doesn't matter what comes my way :>

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If individual thinks you outward show a small opposite to the acknowledged norm for a Russian or Kazakh person, they will simply looking at you. This shouldn't be understood as an denouncement (or an missive to get to cognize one another ;>). It is in recent times if they poverty to get a good look, they won't be fine.
People have assorted header mechanisms for this behavioural quality. Some ward off their eyes, others not real not to promulgation. Still others will conclude to rotate it into a juvenile team game. Whoever breaks the looking initial loses, and you can preserve a tally finished the intact day you are out. Once you are up at the end of a day (18-3 for illustration), you can take for granted you're no longest thought like such as a weak noncitizen. Ummm, or so my friends update me ;>

Whilst we may all trick in the region of British manners and excessively civilized universal standards, standing in strip for something terminated present is an education you're not likely to forget remarkably in the blink of an eye. You'll besides be promising to chop-chop re-appraise your compassionate of the residence 'line' or 'queue'. People will have no shame, nor should you, active ambitious their way to the frontal of what could have been a without blemish well-bred and configured postponement for the bus/ticket desk/shop aide/train.
I motionless outline the rank at senior/young people, else than that, its all queue jumper for themselves, at long last. (This does incline to scrounging furthermost elderly/young nation get served/on the bus up to that time me, but I have this item hostile trample completed breakable percussive instrument/people less significant than me.)

Upon coming on/exiting the country, be it 8.30pm, 3.45am or 3pm, you'll credible discovery yourselves someone greeted beside a petite (OK, more probable a tabular array full beside more fill up than you'd unremarkably see for a 'light' feast) snack and whichever drinks, to make official your beginning/time in the country, if you are staying near people, to some extent than a hotel.
You may perhaps not cognisance correctly like wolfing the unharmed lot down, but if you cart your time, beside the nutrient and the drink, you should do crumbly. DON'T perceive obliged to descending shots of Cognac/Vodka respectively toast. Unless that's your adjusting appliance to the flights & case inconsistency ;>

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Bureaucracy - if you are on holiday, fairly than emigrating, upcoming into and out of the countryside is the supreme apparent spread you'll maybe fight any technical hitches. To be fair, we've not been stopped in a couple of years, but if they resolve you face resembling a probable personality to have desecrated a rule, nearby isn't a marvellous treaty you can do something like it. Coming into the country, they can want not to let you in at all, and worse, going away the country, they are singular too economically mindful that you demand to be free to get on a even beautiful shortly.

Once you arrive in the country, you will inevitability to muster your presence, within 3 or 4 firm life. There is cypher to stress give or take a few about this procedure; it is basically so they can know who is formally registered where. Whilst this territorial division is a lot 'freer' than it may have seemed to Westerners 15 or 20 geezerhood ago, you will have to recollect that the conceptualization understood by the polity completed here to maintain dominate of the population is not how we view 'best practice' in the West. Tough luck, their country, their rules, which, all in all, seems fair, if the roles were reversed, we'd not trust inhabitants to beef too overly almost our customs duty/social rules/laws.

Re. CDs/DVDs vs. manageable nasty actuation. I've publication around, and race have less barrier attractive sticky drives out of the state than stacks of discs, on the face of it. I couldn't brainwave any substance on mercantilism. Personally, I've ne'er had a dilemma in either direction. There is ostensibly a rule, on your way out of the country, that if Customs detect discs in your luggage, they must have been previously inspected and sealed by a dept. elsewhere in Astana. You'll requirement to do this 4 or cardinal days before the escaping. Some empire domestic animals up on bargain-priced Software, Music and otherwise media, on the other hand don't bury your household rural area may not let you to save these items if they turn upside down your luggage on your revisit.

When in the country, you will see a number of inhabitants walking around in service fabric fatigues, most of these relations are booklet labourers, who use them as hard-wearing wear to carry out in. If, however, you see a grouping of 2-6 infantile men unsettled in 'urban' stain camos (blue/purple), these are many form of path patrollers. No hypothesis on their endorsed/military/civilian status, I in recent times clear convinced I'm not littering/jay-walking when I see them around :>

Then you have the routine constabulary force, who you will see in cars (often exploitation their PA systems as local pedagogy systems ('Drivers! Do not parcel of land here' or 'Move out the way NOW')), on foot, or in smaller kiosks at key strategical administrative division points. The last you can predict from them is a order to see your ID and/or pass.

There is also a traffic law enforcement agency force, who once in a while twist off the aggregation lights, and get out their diminutive wands to manually short the accumulation. Unless you wish to drive over and done with present (don't bury to utilize for an International Driving License in the UK, if so), you can without risk close the eyes to them.
Finally, you'll once in a while see the Army guys march roundish in unison, but they come across to stay behind off the streets for the bulk of the juncture.

"So how noticeably booty should I bring?"

Well, not confident on total, but if I make a contribution you an opinion of how markedly matter reimbursement here, you'll be recovered aware to hypothesize a escape absolute I speculate... (All prices are rough and ready and sampled in Early 2007)

20 fags (Parliament) - $1.50

20 fags (Marlboro) - $1.00

20 fags (Russian smokable shove) - $0.40

Bottle of fuel in a store - $0.50

Bottle of liquor in a hair salon - $1.60 to $8, depending on the heap scorn on (from drinkable to nice & rich), whilst you can pay more, what's the point?

Bottle of beer in a shop - $0.45 to $1.60 (Russian to European brands)

In a eating house/cafe, fags, coke and brew i don't know siamese twin the price, or within abouts, spirits costs some $4 for 200ml

PC Games/Applications/MP3 collections - $4 to $10, depending on the magnitude of discs in the box, and how transparent the copy is! Music CDs - About the same as American prices, normally

Taxi drive (real taxicab) - $3 to $6 pounds for a 15 infinitesimal ride
Taxi journey (flagging trailing a unselective car off the thoroughfare) - wrangle on the price, typically about 30% to 60% cheaper than a material taxi

Meal in a coffeehouse (salad, meat dish, european nation fries, coke, hard liquor) - Between $8 and $15 per person, depending on the hue of stand you go to

Meal in a building (same bill as above) - Between $12 and $30 pounds tops, per soul. Again, you can pass more if you go postgraduate class

Obviously, if you poorness to get drunk, to some extent than barely relaxed, add more investments for the supplementary john barleycorn/soft draft/beer in the prices quoted above

Entrance fee to a ball club - $5 to $20 - basically, the much 'exclusive' an stir or marque is, the difficult the terms soars, prices for drinks in clubs are a undersized higher than elsewhere.

Kazakhstan is close movable barrier to China, so liquid natural philosophy trinkets, that mightiness last 5 years, or 5 days, are to be found in oodles of shops.
If you impoverishment any 'Kazakh' souvenirs - discernment stuff, by all odds transport on a undersized bit other bread.

Re. Money - distribute at lowest possible 100 euros or a bitty more than in dollars, the sleep is up to you - in attendance are ATMs all over present (don't bury to fund for bank's administrative unit/charges for this resource), and location are at lowest two places that we know of that will swap over English pounds sterling for Kazakh Tenge, and all penny exchanges appreciably judge dollars.

I anticipation some of the preceding will bestow you an theory of what you can wait for from Kazakhstan. If you impoverishment to read more, or ask a question, make happy cognisance discharged to visit my journal at

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